A Special Offer for You

Welcome ATCAA community!  I’m Ellen Cremer, Owner of Gold Country Yoga, partnering with ATCAA to share a special selection of accessible video classes with you.  As a Yoga Therapist my focus is not on strong exercise, competition or perfect postures; but rather I offer gentle movements, breathing and relaxation practices that support your physical, mental and emotional well-being in a more mindful and well-rounded way.

The practices and techniques you’ll learn here are simple, easy to follow and effective in regulating an overstimulated or depleted nervous system.  Even short sessions are beneficial and allow you to take break from your responsibilities, spending a few precious minutes to move, breathe and take care of yourself.

The work you do is vitally important and rewarding, but can be quite challenging at times.  The classes I’ve chosen for this program reduce symptoms of secondary trauma, including anxiety, tension, difficulty sleeping—while restoring natural resilience, balance and ease of being.

Your health and well-being is precious and important!  ATCAA is generously making this program available free of charge to all employees.  Sign up below and get started today!


“Using Ellen’s on demand library has been such a blessing. I appreciate the convenience of having access to the library in the comfort of my home, helping me to prioritize my self-care. Her library is diverse and provides me with instruction that supports me through my daily challenges, helping me to balance stress. I especially enjoy her classes around relaxation, adding these to my evening routine have really helped my sleep.”

— Samantha White, ATCAA

What to Expect

Special class selection exclusive to ATCAA staff

Easy movements, breathwork & relaxation

Science-based mindfulness and stress relief

What You’ll Receive

New Self-Care inspiration and ideas

Renewed ease, balance and contentment

More resilience facing challenges in life

Ready to Give it a Try?

Here are just a few short sample classes you can try now and feel a difference in yourself!

18 min • In just a few mindful minutes of movement and breath, you can quickly become more grounded and centered within yourself. Done standing and seated in a chair, this practice is accessible anytime, anywhere!

14 min • Had a long, exhausting day? Are you craving a few minutes of self-care? Treat yourself with this brief floor-based class designed to help you unwind, balance your nervous system, and relax body and mind!

14 min • Easy movements combined with breathing to support stress reduction and mindfulness.

20 min • A gentle, floor-based practice to wind down and deeply relax after a long day.

Like what you see here? We have many more practices and helpful information on sleep support, stress reduction, and mindfulness ready in your own personalized wellness library—courtesy of ATCAA.  Sign up today!