Yoga Therapy with Ellen Cremer

our time to heal is now.

Life can feel like a rollercoaster ride with constant unexpected twists and turns.  Some exhilarating and joyful, others mundane, confusing or even painful.  Staying connected with our bodies and finding meaning in the midst of these ever-changing experiences is a profound opportunity for healing and personal growth.

Yoga Therapy and mindful, embodied practices provide valuable support throughout this transformative process.

By engaging our bodies through movement, relaxation and mindfulness, we not only support our physical health and well-being but further begin a journey of self-awareness and discovery. This inward exploration allows us to connect with our inner life as it unfolds through sensations, thoughts and feelings.

Learning how to embrace every aspect of ourselves with genuine acceptance, we discover a more harmonious way of existence – within ourselves, among others, and in our relationship with life itself.  This heightened awareness and acceptance naturally paves the way for more authentic choices that align with our innermost needs and aspirations.

I sincerely hope that my guidance inspires you to wholeheartedly embrace ALL of yourself, bring loving attention to areas in need of healing and care and discover that wholeness and belonging are inherent to who you already are.

Ellen Cremer, Yoga Teacher (E-RYT500), Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT)


How to Work With Me


Online Video Library

Inspiration & Resources to support personal practice and self-care.  Enjoy Ellen’s warm teaching style from the comfort of your home!

Public Classes & Events

Join us for a class or specialty workshop dedicated to support your well-being with mindful movements and relaxation. Let’s grow together!

Private Yoga Therapy

A special time for just YOU! Connect with your body, learn to listen deeply, gather valuable insights and embrace positive change in your life!

Wellness for Organizations

Specialized in-person, live-online or video programs focused on stress reduction and mindfulness to help your community thrive!

What My Clients Are Saying

“You are a true gift to our hearts and souls, and I’m profoundly touched and moved by it all.”

— Jeanne Duffer

“Ellen preserves the magic of Yoga while making sense of it at the same time.”

— Ken Merthe

“Ellen is such a gifted guide… this was valuable beyond words.”

— Shannon R.