Remedies for Day-to-Day Challenges

Imagine practicing Yoga that responds to exactly what you need every day.  Are you feeling stressed, frustrated or maybe sleepy?  Is your neck sore?  Perhaps your feet are tired or you’ve been sitting too long?

Now that you’ve had a chance to explore the three pillars of Gold Country Yoga: Movement, Relaxation and Mindfulnesslet’s focus on a specific issue or intention—on an area of your body or your life that needs a little extra TLC.***

21 min • Active, Gentle

Does your back feel tight after a long day of sitting or traveling?  This is a short practice with a special focus on lower back; give it a try and see how you feel!

47 min • Gently Energizing

Maybe you have a full day ahead, but didn’t get enough sleep? Or you need a little boost half way through your day? This practice can help increase energy, focus and mental clarity.

33 min • Active, Therapeutic

Tension often builds up in the neck and shoulders from stress or too much computer time.  These movements and techniques can help let that unwanted tension go!

***Please note that these classes are not meant to be a prescription or replacement for medical attention. Please seek out your doctors’ advice if you are dealing with any injuries or health concerns and make sure it’s appropriate for you to do Yoga.

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