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he change and transformation a dedicated Yoga practice can bring about is priceless.  And the great news is that anyone can benefit from Yoga; whether you are new to Yoga or have taken classes for a while, whether you are strong to begin with or not, whether you are stiff or flexible, in shape or not—Yoga will simply help you feel better!

Yoga is meant to be a practice–something you engage with on a regular or even daily basis. Of course there are days that simply get away from you, but you’ll be amazed how even a few minutes of Yoga every day can go a long way in supporting your physical health and emotional well-being.

Gold Country Yoga offers different length classes and a broad variety of themes and styles that will make it easy for you to find just the right class for what you need every day.

Benefits of a Home Yoga Practice

Feel more comfortable and at home in your body

Increase your strength, mobility and flexibility

Find relief from common aches and pains

Feel grounded & resilient in the face of challenge

Learn how to effectively reduce stress and tension

Become more accepting of yourself & others

Invaluable chance to care for your health & well-being

Greater ease falling asleep and staying asleep

What’s Included in Your Membership

Hundreds of professionally produced Yoga Classes right at your fingertips 24/7

Active Movement, Restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga, Relaxation & Mindfulness classes

Specialty Yoga Workshops and Special Series on a wide range of topics

Multi-day Yoga Challenges and Retreats for a truly guided experience

Targeted practices to address your changing daily challenges and needs

Expert guidance with plenty of skillful modifications for different levels

Membership pages and On-Demand Library are easy to use and navigate

Give Yourself the Care and Support You Deserve!

Choose a payment plan that works for you; all Membership benefits are the same.


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Are We the Right Fit?

It is crucial to find a teacher that you trust—someone who is skilled, experienced, creates meaningful practices and communicates Yoga in a way that resonates directly with you.  Ellen’s warm personality, dedication, depth of knowledge and consistent teaching principles will help you deepen your understanding of Yoga and move towards your goals of improved health and well-being.

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What We Offer

• Yoga for physical and emotional well-being
• Movement that is much more than just exercise
Postures that respect your unique body
• Yoga that includes reflection and mindfulness
• Support to create a home Yoga practice
• A family-run business dedicated to good health


What We Do Not

• Extremely fast-paced or power Yoga classes
• Practices solely focused on exercise and cardio
• Gymnastic, extreme poses and practices
• ‘No pain, no gain’ as a motto
• Excessive fixation on aesthetics or appearance
• Bland, corporate Yoga with high-paid execs

Meet the Family Behind the Scenes

Ellen, Teacher & Owner at Gold Country Yoga, brings over 25 years of Yoga, movement & dance experience to her classes.  She skillfully combines traditional postures and creative movement sequences with mindfulness practices for a truly unique and engaging Yoga experience.

Mark, an Emmy Award-winning television and film professional, has extensive experience producing instructional Yoga videos.  He records all classes with multiple cameras, crystal-clear audio and carefully edits each one to highlight teaching details and create a seamless, flowing experience.

The Felines: Our cat family of four adds a little extra sweetness and delight to our classes. You may see Speedy climbing onto Ellen’s back in a Yoga pose, Mr. Smokes leaping up the cat tree, Tulane taking a nap on a Yoga blanket or Maddie parading her cuteness across the room.

Want to See More?  Browse Our Library

 Preview the On-Demand Library below: hundreds of Classes, Specialty Workshops and Multi-Day Yoga Challenges.

Recently Added Classes

We add classes regularly, often several new ones each week.  Here’s what we’ve been up to lately.

Sweet, Simple Settling 2
Another in this series of short, accessible practices to help bring you back to yourself.
Coming Home 1
Let's use mindfulness and a few gentle movements to explore the idea of home, and how to return to ourselves.
Daily Trio 12
Three simple postures to get you moving and stretching in a short time!
Stretch Break 2
Take 30 minutes and treat yourself to a break with great stretching and gentle movements!
Yoga Warmup 5
Take 20 minutes to enliven and warm up the body and refresh your spirit!
Gentle Movement • 05-03-23
Enjoy 40 minutes of great, Gentle Movement with a focus on the hips, neck and twists—and mindfulness of course.
Give yourself a big hug—literally and figuratively—with this 23-minute class focused on self-care.
Simply Delicious
30 minutes of absolutely delicious Restorative Yoga with lots of room for quiet introspection.
Yoga Nonstop 1
A short, flowing practice that never stops moving with gentle, accessible postures and transitions.

Active Level 1

These beginner-friendly active practices are a great way to start exploring our Library and evoke your curiosity about this rich practice.

No posts found.

Active Level 2

Ready for a bit more? Here we explore a little more depth with active movements and strength enhancing postures.

No posts found.

Active Level 3

Up for a challenge? After an active warm up fluidly linking one pose with the next we’ll explore longer-held postures to help increase strength & stability.

No posts found.

Gentle & Seated Practices

If a mat-based Yoga practice is not right for you try one of our Chair Classes. We start seated with easy upper-body movements followed by a few standing postures for balance and a short relaxation that can be done on the floor or couch.

No posts found.

Meditation & Breathing Practices

The title of this category speaks for itself: practices focusing on mindfulness, inward attention, breathwork and exploring the quieter mysteries found within.

No posts found.

Yin & Restorative Yoga Practices

Let’s slow down! Restorative Yoga disconnects offers time relax, nurture and renew; Yin Yoga’s long-held stretching poses release tension and invite a deep inward reflection and surrender.

No posts found.

Yoga à la Carte

Build Your Perfect Class! Shorter, partial practices meant to be mixed and matched together. I recommend mixing Active and Relaxing practices, in that order; but trust your body, experiment, and create your very own perfect class or longer sequence.

Simple Strength 11
Continue developing strength without complexity in this installment focusing on the arms, back, core and legs.
Yoga Warmup 4
Another installment in our Yoga Warmup series to help get you up and going anytime!
Hip Care 1
Treat your hips to 40 minutes of care and attention!
30 Minute Yin 4
A short Yin practice to sooth and restore!
30 Minute Moves 6
Let's move and get it flowing with this short practice. Mix and match with a restorative finish!
Sunny Salutations 4
Another in this ongoing series of interpretations of the classes Sun Salutation with Ellen's creative spin!
Evening Wind Down 2
Another great option to slow everything down after a long day, and set yourself up for a good night's sleep.
Simple Strength 10
Easy-to-follow movements and exercises to build strength without turning yourself into a pretzel!
Meditation & Mudras
A short practice exploring mindful hand gestures to enhance the experience of awareness during meditation.

Instruction & Inspiration: Talks and Practices

Here you’ll find a mix of inspiration talks, philosophy, detailed instruction—plus practices linked with a deep inner inquiry to explore the subtler, essential questions we all face.

Yoga Details • Downward Dog
This 7-minute Yoga Details video offers a closer look at a classic pose: Downward Facing Dog.

Office Breaks: Practice at Work

These 5 to 10-minute practices help during long hours at work; a few minutes of movement and simple stretches can relieve a tight back, sore wrists and tired legs.

Office Break • Back in Shape
A 23-minute Office Break focusing on strengthening your back.

Workshops and Special Series

These Workshops and Special Series explore practices around a specific theme. Workshops dive deeper with longer, single classes; Series explore a topic over a range of classes.

Daily Trio 7
Try 3 short poses to liven up your day with a focus on your back, hamstrings and side bends.
6th Chakra • Vision & Perception
Ellen explores the 6th Chakra in this complete practice. This is part of a 7-class series.
Stretch Break 1
Take a short break to stretch, restore and relax! Focus is on hips, twists and side bends.
Daily Trio 6
3 quick poses to get you up and moving, featuring core work and lunges.
5th Chakra • Truth & Expression
Let's explore the throat, neck and voice—all fundamental elements used in authentic expression.
Daily Trio 5
A short class of just 3 poses focusing on the lower body. A quick treat!
4th Chakra • Love & Compassion
Continue exploring the chakras with this complete practice focusing on the 4th chakra, emphasizing love and compassion.
The Daily Trio • Practice 3
Three simple poses for a short, perfect practice!
The Daily Trio • Practice 4
Three simple poses to get you up and moving each day; short and sweet!

Therapy Balls & Self-Massage

Sometimes an additional tool is needed to get those stubborn knots in our muscles to let go. The use of therapy balls is a fun and creative way to address discomfort in specific areas while learning more about the architecture and anatomy of your own body.

No posts found.

Yoga with Cats!

Enjoy a practice with our resident Yogis: Maddie, Mr. Smokes, Tulane or the ever-present Speedy!

Yin Yoga w/ Therapy Balls 2
Explore a perfect combination of slow, deep Yin Yoga with the skillful use of therapy balls.
Gentle Movement • 04-28-22
Another complete Gentle Movement class that's accessible while offering depth and variation.
Simple Strength 9
Increase your strength without over-thinking your practice! A great way to stay in shape.
Yin & Yang Yoga 3
Another installment of Ellen's special blend of Yin and Yang Yoga—mixing movement and stillness.
Restorative Yoga & Wholeness
Explore a direct experience and inquiry into the nature of wholeness using the quiet and stillness of Restorative Yoga.
Gentle Movement • 02-07-22
A complete Gentle Movement Yoga class for an accessible, enlivening experience.
Healthy Back: Scoliosis
31:25, Speedy, Back, Special Series
A special back care class focusing on the causes and relief of scoliosis.
Yin Yoga • 01-24-22
A complete Yin Yoga class for the whole body — along with Speedy the Yoga Cat!
Yoga Break 4
Take a break and shake up any stiffness or fatigue with this short, engaging practice!

Explore our Multi-Day Yoga Challenges

Ellen’s carefully hand-chosen practices will guide you over 7-28 days,
focusing on topics like strength building, relaxation, meditation and anatomy.

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