28 Days • 28 Practices
28 practices that build gradually from gentle movement to more challenging practices, exploring a wide range of active, relaxing and meditative styles.


I’m excited to guide you through 28 days of active, restorative and meditative Yoga practices.  Your choice in following along with this challenge truly is a gift that you give yourself, and an opportunity to explore and receive the profound healing that comes with a regular Yoga practice!

This challenge starts with accessible classes such as ‘Gentle Movement’ but will built into a little more challenge over time. As always listen to your body, make changes or take breaks during classes as needed. I believe a big part of Yoga is to be mindful and listen carefully to our body’s needs.

Take your time, adjust as you need to; I suggest this be a 28-day Challenge, but feel free to stretch it out and take it at your own pace.  I also provide suggestions for alternative or additional classes on many days depending on how you’re feeling.

I am honored to be your guide on this journey and appreciate your curiosity and dedication that lead you to try this 28 Day Challenge.

Let’s get started!


TEACHER:   Ellen Cremer

STYLE:   Active, Deepening

LEVEL:   Active 1-2

DURATION:   28 Days





Your Weekly Practices

SETUP YOUR PRACTICE SPACE:  Is there one dedicated space where you can leave your props so they are readily available?  Or do you like the flexibility to practice on your deck on sunny days?  Some privacy is helpful; plus consider turning off your phone, asking for some quiet time from family and keeping excited pets in another room.

PROPS: Here's a general list of props you should have on hand; you may not need all of these depending on the Challenge you're doing.  Plus, I announce at the beginning of each practice what you'll need that day.  Yoga props are easily found online or at a local sporting goods store.

• Yoga mat
• Two foam Yoga blocks, 4 inch width
• Blankets or pillows (optional: household blankets)
• Yoga bolster (required for most Restorative practices)
• Yoga strap (optional: belt or scarf)
• Therapy balls (only needed for self-massage practices; tennis balls work too)

SHOULD I EAT BEFORE PRACTICE? Try to avoid eating 1-2 hours before any activity; but as with all things, adjust to suit your needs and lifestyle.  Avoid caffeine before any relaxation practices.

PRACTICE EVERY DAY?  WHEN?  It's ok to skip days, take breaks and adjust the schedule to fit your needs!  Also each day has a suggested practice time (generally active in the morning, relaxing in the evening); but as always listen to your body and don't be afraid to experiment and modify.

RESPECT YOUR LIMITATIONS: It’s important to remember that not every single Yoga pose offered here is right for everyone, especially with old injuries or other limitations. Please be patient with yourself as you begin this journey and feel free to take breaks or modify as needed.

PRACTICE DETAILS and PROGRESS:  Next to each practice you'll find some notes on length, time to practice and what to expect (see sample to the right).  When you complete each practice, click the Mark Complete button to save your progress. As you move through the Challenge, you'll see the Progress pie chart change to reflect your progress.  You can always click the COMPLETED button again if you want to do that practice over again.

Here are a few extra videos that provide some detail and background on the various practices you’ll encounter in this Challenge.

The idea of a commitment can sometimes add a pressure and expectation. Perhaps we can explore a little and see if your motivation can come from a deeper place of inspiration. You might want to spend a few minutes journaling on what moved you to try this challenge. It may be that you are looking to care for yourself a little more or making yourself more of a priority among all those responsibilities in life.

But it will be helpful to personalize your ‘Why’ and start out with an intention that is authentic and that supports you throughout this first week. You may also find it helpful to look at the time frame and style of each suggested practice and plan ahead what time of day you’d like to practice. Making changes to your lifestyle and adding something good and supportive is also an opportunity to consider things you might want to let go of.  For example, in order to fit a 60 minute Yoga practice into a busy day, would it be helpful to spend a little less time reading news or watching TV?

Of course sometimes life just happens and gets in the way of our plans and intentions; but do your best to follow along with the suggested practices and adjust as needed.

Enjoy yourself and good luck!
— Ellen Cremer, Owner

Day 1 • Gentle Movement Yoga

Let’s start Day 1 with this Gentle Movement class that starts with active movements and standing postures followed by Restorative Yoga using the wall.

 Morning • 61 min
Active Movement 1

Day 2 • Gently Energize 3

Begin today’s practice with 30 minutes of active and warming movements, followed by Guided Meditation 1 if you have time.

Anytime • 28 min
Active Movement 1

Day 3 • Stretch & Unwind

A floor-based class that requires very little effort and strength. This can be a great Yoga break or an opportunity to wind down at the end of the day.

Morning • 32 min
Active Movement 1

Day 4 • Gentle Movement

Another full hour practice. Be prepared for some fun and creative shoulder work using your Yoga props.

Morning • 59 min
Active Movement 1

Day 5 • Restorative Yoga

Let’s dive deeper into this wonderfully relaxing Yoga style. Take time to slow down and be easy with yourself today.

Evening • 54 min
Relaxing 1

Day 6 • 30-Minute Moves

A shorter, energizing practice that invites movement into the body and increases circulation. Check out the additional 10 Minute Drop-In and extend a little more caring and attentiveness to yourself.

Morning • 33 min
Active Movement 1

Day 7 • Gently Energize 1

While you are welcome to choose either of these two practices today, you may find that they work really well together.  Satisfy your body’s desire for movement and treat yourself to a lovely Wall Wind Down sequence.

Morning • 32 min
Active Movement 1

Before we dive into week 2, let’s take a moment to reflect on last week’s practice. How did it go?  What were the choices you made around your practice that worked really well?  What didn’t work so well that may be something you’d like to change going forward?  These questions may be around your set-up or time of day, but may also include more subtle observations. What happened when you got interrupted and couldn’t finish your class?  Did you feel frustrated or upset?  Instead of thinking that you missed your class, perhaps there is an opportunity for learning here? If this happens again, what will you try differently?

Or those days where it’s so hard to get motivated to move?  Perhaps instead of feeling bad about the lack of motivation or trying to push tiredness aside, could there be a way to be on the mat with all those feelings just as they are?  Maybe laying down and noticing your breath for 30 minutes is what needs to happen in that moment!  And what does it feel like if we give ourselves the permission to make these changes?

Let’s continue to honor the sincerity of our intention to do this challenge—while also extending some grace to ourselves to make changes.  But what if these choices come from a very conscious place that invites further reflection and self-discovery?  The awareness that you develop by exploring is Yoga too!!!

Monday • Day 8 • Hip Tune-Up

Today we are exploring the hip area in more detail with mobility and strength exercises followed by stretching poses. You may add Guided Relaxation 1 or set aside the meditation for a later time or before going to sleep.

 Anytime • 44 min
Relaxing 1

Day 9 • Moving Meditation

A balanced Yoga class with a deeper focus on mindfulness.  Enjoy being truly present with your experience moment by moment.  Breath by breath.

 Morning • 49 min
Meditation & Active Movement 1

Day 10 • Gentle Movement

There is a lot of goodness coming your way in today’s class… starting with a Restorative Back bend, active breath work, movement, stretching & relaxation!

 Morning • 61 min
Active Movement 1

Day 11 • Yoga Break 1

Let’s use today’s shorter movement practice to ease into the body and follow it up with 30 Minute Restore.

 Anytime • 15 min
Active Movement 1

Day 12 • Shoulder Tune-Up

Today we are exploring upper body strength with a focus on arms and shoulders. Take a few minutes to rest after class or add on Guided Relaxation 1.

Anytime • 35 min
Active Movement 1

Day 13 • Gently Energize 2

We’ll start out with a 30 minute active practice with familiar movements. The additional class 30 Minute Yin Yoga will take you deeper into Yin Yoga and extra care for your connective tissue and joints.

Morning • 30 min
Active Movement 1

Day 14 • Yoga Warmup 1

After a short, active sequence to warm up the body we are diving deeper with Core Moments.  Treat yourself to Guided Relaxation 2 afterwards! All three practices combined are about 45min.

Morning • 24 min
Active Movement 1

By now you have tried out a wide range of different elements of this rich practice.  From quiet Restorative Yoga and Breath Work to active movement practices, including some challenges such as the recent Shoulder Tune-Up class.  Very likely you noticed personal preferences.  While it’s very helpful to get more clarity on what you like about Yoga, it can also be helpful to shine a light on the moments of ‘not liking’ that will certainly show up at some point.  At times we find that the practices or poses we don’t necessary love—and that we have some resistance towards—can be valuable (with the exception of taking care of injuries and other health concerns of course).  For example. if we come home from a very active, busy day it may be easier to keep moving with an active class.  And while there might be some hesitation around a Restorative Class, perhaps that can be exactly what’s needed.

So as you are about to start Week 3, be aware of how these practices feel in your body; but also notice your inner response.  Is there like or dislike? Excitement or resistance that shows up for you?  Can you let ALL of yourself be on the mat and meet yourself with acceptance—while continuing to make choices around these more subtle observations?  How do you choose to be with yourself when resistance is present?  What is the opportunity here?  Be very open and gentle with yourself as you explore some of these questions!

Day 15 • Back in Shape

Let’s keep it easy today with this short class and care for our lower backs!  If time allows, enjoy this great extra class: Meditation 2.

 Anytime • 23 min
Active Movement 1

Day 16 • A Bit of Everything 1

All the goodies combined in one class: movement, stretching, relaxation, breath & meditation.

 Morning • 51 min
Active Movement 1

Day 17 • Restorative Yoga

Enjoy the magic of deep stretching and restful Restorative Poses combined!

 Evening • 60 min
Relaxing 1

Day 18 • Moving Balance

There is a lot of richness to discover in the world of balancing poses.  Be patient as your body learns.

 Morning • 40 min
Active Movement 1

Day 19 • 30 Minute Moves 2

A warming, active sequence followed by a an optional guided practice: Meditation 2.

Morning • 30 min
Active Movement 1

Day 20 • Yoga Warmup 2

Today’s session starts with a shorter, active practice focused on leg strength.  Complete your practice with some Calming Breath as an option.

Morning • 18 min
Active Movement 1

Day 21 • A Bit of Everything 2

Enjoy another blend of activity, stretching & relaxation. Class finishes with a short meditation.

Morning • 53 min
Active Movement 1

Wow! You are three weeks into your challenge! Having reached this milestone, it’s time you show yourself a little gratitude and pride, acknowledging that you have juggled life’s tasks and still staying dedicated to your practice!  So, before we move into our final week, let’s take the opportunity to look back at all the moments of delight and difficulty in your practice this past week; is there anything that stands out that you’d like to reflect on? Or take a few minutes journaling? Based on what you notice, perhaps you’d like to set an intention around how to be with that awareness in this final week. 

Also, you may have already noticed that the active practices became slightly more difficult throughout the course of this challenge. This will be true for some practices in this last week as well, so get ready!  With your heightened body awareness and connection to yourself, continue to be honest about what you need—and what you don’t—and make wise choices as needed. 

Finally, I invite you to take a moment and think ahead about how you’d like to complete this challenge, and plan a treat for your body at the end of this week (in addition to the Restorative Yoga class that’s waiting for you there!).  Maybe plan to set time aside for your favorite hike or walk?  Your favorite meal?  Hot tub or bath?  What would you enjoy?  Treat yourself, you’ll have earned it! 

Day 22 • Rise & Shine

Warm-up and energize with this active class and enjoy some good hip stretches in the second half of class.

 Morning • 60 min
Active Movement 1

Day 23 • 30 Minute Moves 3

We’ll start again with an active, energizing practice followed by 30 Minute Restore 2 for some quiet and relaxation.

 Morning • 34 min
Active Movement 1

Day 24 • Yoga Warmup 3

Let’s dive into a little more upper body work today. We’ll start out with a warm-up focused on shoulders followed by an additional sequence: Core Moments 3. After all that work treat yourself with Guided Relaxation 3 .

 Morning • 23 min
Active Movement 1

Day 25 • Rise & Shine

A full hour focusing on all the goodness Yoga has to offer!

 Morning • 58 min
Active Movement 1

Day 26 • A Bit of Everything 3

Movement, breath, relaxation & stillness.

Morning • 44 min
Active Movement 1

Day 27 • Sunny Salutations 3

After some warm up this sequence will become increasingly more challenging. Listen to your body, listen to yourself and make changes as needed. Choose your own relaxation or cool-down today. Restorative Yoga? Relaxation? Create your own or repeat your favorites from this challenge.

Meditation 3 is a great alternative today.

Morning • 40 min
Active Movement 1

Day 28 • Yin & Restorative Yoga

With this final practice take some time to slow down, turn inward and treat yourself!

Evening • 62 min
Relaxing 1

Congratulations, you did it!

Let’s spend a few moments to reflect back on the last few weeks and look at some of the awards that you received during this challenge. How does you body feel now versus when you started? And how do YOU feel in your body? What were other small (or big) observations that you made about yourself along the way? You probably noticed by now that Yoga not only creates changes in our bodies but invites a much deeper opportunity for learning and transformation. Taking some time to journal or reflect on these questions can be a valuable part of your Yoga journey!

Finally, how would you like to move forward from here? What are the one or more elements in Yoga you’d like to keep exploring? What is most important to you at this time?
Yoga really is a practice, something to engage with on a regular basis. The more you put into our practice the more you receive. But please remember when saying ‘more’ that doesn’t necessary mean stronger and more challenging, but perhaps more frequently, more dedicatedly or more sincerely.

Thank you for joining. Feel free to drop me a note and let me know how you enjoyed this challenge.

And don’t forget the treat that you prepared last week… you earned it!

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