No Ego Involved

“What’s particularly great about Ellen and her practice is that there’s no ego involved. It’s not a competition, you just do what you can and Ellen will guide you through what works best for you.”

Packed House

“Filled my heart and soul. Thank you so much Ellen.”

Classes for Every Level

“Thank you Ellen for your very personal approach to yoga. I love the new studio space!”

Deep Physical and Mental Relaxation

“Ellen’s specialties, restorative and Yin Yoga classes, really offer deep physical and mental relaxation.”

Warm Puppy

“Ellen is like a warm puppy that you want to see as much as possible.”

Little Yoga Temple in the Sierras

“I honestly say that I am impressed by this little yoga temple in the foothills of the Sierra.”

Ellen is amazing!

“I have practiced under Ellen for several years now and I am grateful for the changes yoga has brought to my life!”

Everyone Should Participate

“Ellen’s caring & teaching have improved my health, mobility & well being.”

Life Changing

“Ellen’s yoga classes have been life changing for me not only physically but mentally.”

10 Stars out of 5

“If I could have had the option to rate Ellen and Gold Country Yoga higher then a 5 I would have!