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ovement has been a deep passion in my life for over 30 years. After studying dance in Germany and performing professionally across Europe and New York City, I began to explore various body-mind practices and started teaching Yoga in 2004. After many years of ongoing study, personal practice and teaching full time, I’ve come to fully appreciate how the benefits of movement go far beyond strength and mobility, and can facilitate greater health and balance on many levels. This holistic approach that embraces your physical, mental and emotional well-being lies right at the heart of Gold Country Yoga!

Even a few minutes of Yoga every day can have a significant impact on your health and quality of life, but it is crucial to find a Yoga practice that suits your personal needs and preferences. I know from my own experience during dance training (and even Yoga classes) how the ‘No pain, no gain’ approach not only feels too forceful, but often leaves us frustrated and hurt. Yoga shouldn’t feel like a performance that demands perfect postures and looks! When you practice with Gold Country Yoga, you’ll experience Yoga as a form of self-care that respects your body at every stage of life!

I feel truly honored to share these transformative practices with you—whether you are a local student or part of our online community—to help you move towards a healthier and happier life and feel your best every day!


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Our growing On-Demand Library with hundreds of Yoga practices and multi-day Challenges allows you to practice anytime you like!  Support your changing needs and feel your best every day—in all areas of your life!


Live Classes

Join Ellen live in the Gold Country Yoga studio!  Due to COVID-19, we are not offering a full range of public classes at this time; but if you’d like to join a small semi-private group in the studio, just drop Ellen a note here.


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Curious to learn more about how you can feel your best every day? Explore a series of guided practices from the comfort of your home—and find out for yourself how Gold Country Yoga classes can transform your life!

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Experience a Balance of 3 Essential Elements



Skillfully designed classes combining traditional Yoga postures and creative movements will help you increase circulation, flexibility, mobility and strength. You will receive clear guidance and options that honor the uniqueness of YOUR body, encouraging you to find the depth that’s right for you!



Our signature Restorative & Yin Yoga classes inspire your natural instinct to slow down, countering stressful habits. These quieter practices, combined with soothing breath work will help you reduce stress and anxiety, lower blood pressure, support healthy sleep habits and cultivate more daily ease!



Anyone can cultivate mindfulness!  By focusing on the experience of movement and breath, you will improve concentration, mental clarity, and memory.  Studies show that mindfulness helps enhance emotional flexibility, strengthen relationships and our ability to cultivate kindness and acceptance.

t Gold Country Yoga, we believe that a fusion of these three essential elements creates a truly holistic, balanced Yoga practice to help you feel more at ease in your daily life. You’ll learn effective techniques that can balance energy levels, heal common pains and aches, and manage stress.  Finally, you get to explore Yoga the way it was meant to be taught.  With elements of mindfulness woven into your practice you’ll begin to discover longer lasting changes. With regular practice you will start to notice that you feel more grounded, more patient and more compassionate — all essential qualities that can support you in responding to changes in your live more gracefully!

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