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Even gentle movements can go a long way in helping you build strength and mobility, increase circulation, and can leave you feeling more vibrant and energized.  We offer a wide range of active classes; but for today, I’ve got two introductory classes to choose from: an Easy and a Medium class.  Pick the one that appeals to you, or try them both!  It’s a great way for you to get a good feel for my teaching—and why I believe that a slower, quieter practice makes for a deeper experience.  I hope you enjoy yourself! 


37 min • Stronger, Intermediate

Benefits Include

• Increased circulation
• Improved strength and stability
• Increased mobility and flexibility
• Improved lymphatic function (Immune response)

• Better balance and coordination
• Mental clarity and focus
• Releases ‘happy hormones’ and elevates mood

Class description: This is active beginner/intermediate class that invites you to explore movement sequences and active poses to help increase strength and mobility.  If you’re new to Yoga and the various props used, please refer to this introduction video.

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