Online classes are temporarily suspended; if you’re looking for a class right now, be sure to check out our On-Demand Library for hundreds of professionally-produced classes available right now.

Weekly Schedule of Live Online Classes

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About LIVE Classes and Donations

How Donation-Based Classes Work

Gold Country Yoga’s new online classes are offered in the spirit of generosity during the coronavirus pandemic.  If you can, please offer a donation; you can donate whatever you like, whenever you like—you’re on the honor system and we trust you.  $10 per class is a good starting suggestion, but please choose an amount that supports us but most importantly supports you.

Are You New to Online Classes?

Streaming a live Yoga class has never been easier.  We use the Zoom platform to deliver our classes, and it’s very easy to setup on just about any computer, tablet or smartphone by installing their player.

If this is your first time, once you’ve clicked on a Yoga class from the schedule above, plan to start about 10 minutes before class; click on the orange Join Live Class button and you’ll be taken to the Zoom website where it will ask you to install a small piece of software for viewing video.  Just follow the simple instructions and you’re all set.  Now anytime you click on a Join Live Class button, once you enter your name and email address, you’ll join right in.

Need a more in-depth explanation and instructions?  Click here for our detailed Online Class guide.

Tips for the Ideal Home Class Viewing Experience

We recommend you play our classes on the largest screen you can—preferably a phone, tablet or computer connected to a flatscreen TV.  We especially recommend that you connect the sound output of your device to an audio system so you can really hear the instructions as loud as you like.  A cable like this will connect any device with an old-school headphone jack to a stereo; something like this will connect the same device with a small portable stereo or computer speaker system.

As every system is different, we can’t really offer specific advice—you’ll need to figure out on your own what works best for you.  But as this kind of viewing and listening setup is a very common, you should have no trouble finding advice and tips online for this type of setup.  Happy viewing!

A Few Thoughts on Props

We like to use a lot of props in class, especially with Yin and Restorative Yoga practices.  But we certainly recognize that not everyone has a set on hand.  Some of the normal props we use are:

  • A Yoga mat
  • Yoga blocks
  • Yoga bolster
  • Several Yoga blankets
  • Yoga strap

In each of these cases, if you don’t have the exact item, feel free to make your own substitutions: a stack of books, an old belt, cushions from your couch… you get the idea.  Always be careful and take care of yourself, but don’t be afraid to improvise!

PLEASE READ: Important Injury Disclaimer

Online Yoga classes require extra care on your part.

You are responsible for your own body, and making sure that you do not get injured.  Please be extra cautious and do not do anything that you don’t feel absolutely comfortable and safe doing.

This is true of any class, but especially so in an online environment where the teacher cannot see you and judge whether something is safe for you or not.

If you have pre-existing injuries or health concerns, please consult with your doctor before beginning any of these classes. By participating in Gold Country Yoga’s online classes, you agree that you do so at your own risk and are voluntarily participating in these activities. You further understand that it is your responsibility to listen to your body and make safe choices during practice, according to your personal needs.  You agree to release any claims that you may have against Gold Country Yoga and Ellen Cremer in the event of an injury.