s a Yoga Therapist, I specialize in developing wellness programs to support the health and well-being of your community.

During adulthood, many people juggle various responsibilities, such as full-time jobs, raising families, and caring for elderly parents. Coupled with unexpected challenges, like family losses or illnesses, and confronting global uncertainties, chronic stress, anxiety, and depression are on the rise more than ever.

If left unattended, chronic stress and a dis-regulated nervous system can even lead to physical conditions such as high blood pressure, inflammation, muscle tension, sleep disturbances, digestive issues, and even chronic pain.

Learning techniques and practices to reduce stress, support physical health, and build resilience has become increasingly important. However, people often struggle to find time or resources for self-care and may not know where to begin.

Many private companies and government organizations now recognize the importance and effectiveness of wellness programs to support their employees’ well-being, health, productivity, resilience, and communication.

Three effective stress relief options
for you and your team members.


Video Library

A valuable resource for employees to access practices at their convenience in their own homes.  Specifically designed for your company, the video page can include practices tailored to your employees’ needs, such as gentle movements, breathing techniques, guided relaxation, mindfulness, stretching, and Restorative Yoga for stress reduction.

Group Classes

Focused on stress reduction and mindfulness, live or Zoom classes cater to your employees’ needs and abilities, including standing movements, seated or floor-based postures, breathing practices, relaxation, and mindfulness.  My non-dogmatic and accessible approach to Yoga reduces stress, tension, and anxiety, with variations for personal preferences.

Speaking Events

Learning about our body and nervous system’s responses to acute or chronic stress—and discovering ways to better support ourselves—can inspire self-care that lasts a lifetime.  Motivational and educations speaking in live events effectively complements the introduction of self-care resources like ongoing classes or video practices.

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