Learn to connect and listen deeply.
Discover the natural wisdom of your body.
Create lasting change in your life!


rivate sessions offer a profound opportunity to connect with yourself in a deeply embodied and compassionate way.

Your body has a remarkable ability to mirror fluctuating inner states. Each emotion finds its reflection in a corresponding bodily response. Whether your shoulders tighten or relax, your tummy aches or your breathing or facial expressions change, your body is a map to your internal landscape of emotions, thoughts and beliefs and an incredible conduit to connect with your mind, heart and soul!

Each session includes a combination of easy movements, postures and mindfulness to support your body in its natural healing process and help you connect with inner experiences like bodily sensations, breathing, thoughts, feelings, memories and imagery.  Guided by inquiry and selective dialogue, these sessions will help you get closer to what is truly relevant for you at this time, to release what is no longer needed and gain deeper understanding of patterns and behaviors that seek healing and change.

Insights as well as a sense of innate well-being, connection and freedom often re-emerge by the end of the session.

Inspiration & Benefits

Discover more meaning and purpose in life
Recognize and change limiting patterns and beliefs
• Feel more connected to yourself and others
• Process and transform stress, anxiety or grief
Cultivate a sense of belonging and contentment
• Move through difficult transitions with more ease
• Find new ways to be with pain and health problems

Details & Pricing

• Sliding Scale: $85 – $125
• Available in-person or via Zoom

• First session 90 minutes
• Regular sessions 55 minutes

A single session can be a profound and life-changing experience, but I recommend 3-5 sessions to receive the full benefits of Yoga Therapy.

What My Clients Are Saying

“I experienced life changing moments of self reflection during my sessions. Ellen is such a gifted guide to perspective and self care. This was valuable beyond words. Thank you.”
— Shannon R.
“Ellen’s intimate caring presence helped me allow feelings to come forward honestly. I liked the supported yoga postures. I feel like they really cultivated a sense of safe vulnerability.”
— Kira T.
“I really enjoyed looking into layers of emotion/thoughts/feelings in a supportive, safe environment. Being present with it and having a compassionate witness is liberating and very healing.”
— Elizabeth R.