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Whether you’re interested in video resources for home practice, live group classes, or Yoga Therapy Sessions, we offer a range of free classes to give you a taste of my approach to movement and mindfulness.

My offerings are accessible and centered around cultivating a deeper connection with your body and yourself. Listen to your body’s cues for adjusting movements and postures.

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Private Yoga Therapy

Find personal transformation and healing.

Active Movement Classes


32 min • Beginner Friendly

Let’s begin with an accessible class that invites you to explore movement sequences and active poses to help increase strength and mobility.

37 min • Stronger, Intermediate

Ready to go a little deeper? Besides building strength and stability, you may also notice feeling more energized after an active class.

Relaxation Classes


20 min • Intro to Relaxation

This is a slow-paced class where postures are supported by blankets and cushions—inviting stress and tension to leave your body and mind.

14 min • Breathwork & Meditation

No props or even a mat is needed for this guided relaxation. Find a comfortable place to lie down on your bed or couch and enjoy!

Mindfulness Classes


49 min • Mindfulness, Gentle Movement

Instead of mechanically going through your Yoga practice while thinking about your chores and responsibilities, this class invites you to become more present with the experience of movement and breath.  

36 min • Deep Stretching, Mindfulness

This quiet stretching class explores mindful awareness in each moment. Instead of letting our thoughts pull us into past or future, mindfulness helps us feel more anchored and grounded in the present.

Targeted Practices


21 min • Active, Gentle

Does your back feel tight after a long day of sitting or traveling?  This is a short practice with a special focus on lower back; give it a try and see how you feel!

47 min • Gently Energizing

Maybe you have a full day ahead, but didn’t get enough sleep? Or you need a little boost half way through your day? This practice can help increase energy, focus and mental clarity.

33 min • Active, Therapeutic

Tension often builds up in the neck and shoulders from stress or too much computer time.  These movements and techniques can help let that unwanted tension go!

Short Daily Practices


18 min • Strength Building

You’ll be amazed at how effective a short practice can be!  Focused on strength and stability, this session will give you a full workout in only 20 minutes.

17 min • Active Movement

This class focuses on active movements to warm-up the body. Combined with just the right amount of stretching, this engaging practice can be a great way to start your day.

14 min • Stretch & Relax

Sometimes all it takes to relax are a few minutes of quiet and some deep breathing. This can be a great reset in the middle of a busy day or as an evening practice before bed.

Online Video Library

Over 400 classes on your schedule!

Private Yoga Therapy

Find personal transformation and healing.

Tips on Setting Up a Home Practice

• Find a place in your home (or yard) that you feel comfortable in
• If possible reduce distractions such as turning off your phone
• On the other hand be prepared for pets or loved ones to visit you on the mat 🙂
• A Yoga mat is helpful for an active class; stickiness of a mat will help you feel more stable

• Props you might need: blankets, cushions, strap/belt, Yoga blocks and a chair
• Preferably, give yourself some time to digest a meal before practicing Yoga
• Be mindful when working with old injuries and feel free to skip a pose if needed