What’s particularly great about Ellen and her practice is that there’s no ego involved. It’s not a competition, you just do what you can and Ellen will guide you through what works best for you when something just isn’t working – and we all have days where something just isn’t going to work! You’re free to explore what your body needs while the rest of the class does something else, and there’s no judgement.  People see yoga on TV and think “man I’d have to do all that crazy stuff” but you don’t, and you’d take classes that are at your level, then take different classes as you grow. It’s a very comfortable process and your body is all the better for it.

Ellen is super easy-going with a ton of knowledge and compassion. I’ve recommended her class plenty of times and some go regularly with me now. We all enjoy her friendship and the benefits of her yoga practice. I’ve done yoga once or twice before with other instructors but Ellen has been by far the most knowledgeable and comfortable to work with. I’m happy to recommend her.