Take an Office Break

Short, accessible exercises that can be done seated or standing in an office space.

5 minutes

Take a short break to improve and enliven your posture—wherever you are!

5 minutes

Here’s another short break to improve your posture and wake up your back.

5 minutes

Here’s the third installment of our short break to help out your posture.

15 minutes

A 15-minute Office Break called Stretch & Breathe. A great wake up for your hands, spine & legs!

14 minutes

Try this practice anytime during the day to help increase energy, focus and mental clarity.

6 minutes

Treat yourself to a short self-massage you can learn and practice at your desk, at work, or anywhere!

Accessible Self-Care

Movement, breath work and mindfulness to help reduce stress and regulate the nervous system.

14 minutes

Take care of yourself with this short practice focused on breathing. You deserve it!

17 minutes

Treat yourself to some care through this simple, gentle exploration of Mindfulness.

Practice at Home

Helpful practices that can be done at home to address challenges like tight back and fatigue.

22 minutes

Back to basics with this introductory practice focusing on the lower back. Great for beginners!

20 minutes

Back to basics, this time exploring the quieter, inward practice of surrender and relaxation with intention.

Reduce Stress

Two short floor-based sessions that are accessible and focused on stress reduction.

14 minutes

This short break focuses on Yin Yoga and relaxation. Mix with something more active for a longer class!

15 minutes

Take a break and shake up any stiffness or fatigue with this short, engaging practice!

Tips on Setting Up a Home Practice

• Find a place in your home (or yard) that you feel comfortable in
• If possible reduce distractions such as turning off your phone
• On the other hand be prepared for pets or loved ones to visit you on the mat 🙂
• A Yoga mat is helpful for an active class; stickiness of a mat will help you feel more stable

• Props you might need: blankets, cushions, strap/belt, Yoga blocks and a chair
• Preferably, give yourself some time to digest a meal before practicing Yoga
• Be mindful when working with old injuries and feel free to skip a pose if needed