Movement is Vital to Our Well-Being

Our bodies are meant to move and be active!  Even gentle movements can go a long way in helping you build strength and mobility, increase circulation, and can leave you feeling more vibrant and energized.  We offer a wide range of active classes—from moving mindfulness to active strength and coordination building.  But for today, I’ve got two introductory classes to choose from: an Easy and a Medium class.  Pick the one that appeals to you, or try them both!  It’s a great way for you to get a good feel for my teaching.

I hope you enjoy yourself; and if you need help setting up your home Yoga practice see below.

32 min • Beginner Friendly

Let’s begin with an accessible class that invites you to explore movement sequences and active poses to help increase strength and mobility.

37 min • Stronger, Intermediate

Ready to go a little deeper? Besides building strength and stability, you may also notice feeling more energized after an active class.

Benefits of Active Yoga

• Increased circulation
• Improved strength and stability
• Increased mobility and flexibility
• Improved lymphatic function (Immune response)
• Better balance and coordination
• Mental clarity and focus
• Releases ‘happy hormones’ and elevates mood

Tips on Setting Up a Home Practice

• Find a place in your home (or yard) that you feel comfortable in
• If possible reduce distractions such as turning off your phone
• On the other hand be prepared for pets or loved ones to visit you on the mat 🙂
• A Yoga mat is helpful for an active class; stickiness of a mat will help you feel more stable

• Props you might need: blankets, cushions, strap/belt, Yoga blocks and a chair
• Preferably, give yourself some time to digest a meal before practicing Yoga
• Be mindful when working with old injuries and feel free to skip a pose if needed

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Let Ellen guide you on a journey through twelve guided practices! We promise: NO SPAM!

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