Relaxation Is My Specialty

Are you always multi-tasking and rushing from one responsibility to the next?  While productivity is important, we all know those days when we come home feeling overwhelmed, anxious, tense or simply burned out. Learning how to move your nervous system from this overstimulated state to feeling relaxed can be crucial for your well-being.  And once you explore some of these relaxation techniques—which at first are deceptively simple—you’ll quickly find that they work like magic.

20 min • Intro to Relaxation

This is a slow-paced class where postures are supported by blankets and cushions—inviting stress and tension to leave your body and mind.

14 min • Breathwork & Meditation

No props or even a mat is needed for this guided relaxation. Find a comfortable place to lie down on your bed or couch and enjoy!

Benefits of Relaxation Practice

• Reduce emotional and mental stress
• Support healthy sleep patterns
• Cultivate ease and state of mind
• Decrease tension, stiffness and pain

• Lower blood pressure and heart rate
• Support digestion and immune function

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