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Over 7 days of theory and practice, I


Taking care of our bodies with movement is essential. But while maintaining some strength is important, in this 7-Day Fascia Focus I invite you to dive more deeply into your connective tissue through both anatomical teaching and direct experience.

These fascial layers of tissue, found everywhere in your body, create stability and connection—but tend to grow tighter and shorter over time.  The practices in this series include movement, therapy balls and Yin Yoga, all of which will promote more pliability in this important part of your body.


TEACHER:   Ellen Cremer

STYLE:   Active Learning

LEVEL:   Active 1

DURATION:   7 Days





Your Weekly Practices

SETUP YOUR PRACTICE SPACE:  Is there one dedicated space where you can leave your props so they are readily available?  Or do you like the flexibility to practice on your deck on sunny days?  Some privacy is helpful; plus consider turning off your phone, asking for some quiet time from family and keeping excited pets in another room.

PROPS: Here's a general list of props you should have on hand; you may not need all of these depending on the Challenge you're doing.  Plus, I announce at the beginning of each practice what you'll need that day.  Yoga props are easily found online or at a local sporting goods store.

• Yoga mat
• Two foam Yoga blocks, 4 inch width
• Blankets or pillows (optional: household blankets)
• Yoga bolster (required for most Restorative practices)
• Yoga strap (optional: belt or scarf)
• Therapy balls (only needed for self-massage practices; tennis balls work too)

SHOULD I EAT BEFORE PRACTICE? Try to avoid eating 1-2 hours before any activity; but as with all things, adjust to suit your needs and lifestyle.  Avoid caffeine before any relaxation practices.

PRACTICE EVERY DAY?  WHEN?  It's ok to skip days, take breaks and adjust the schedule to fit your needs!  Also each day has a suggested practice time (generally active in the morning, relaxing in the evening); but as always listen to your body and don't be afraid to experiment and modify.

RESPECT YOUR LIMITATIONS: It’s important to remember that not every single Yoga pose offered here is right for everyone, especially with old injuries or other limitations. Please be patient with yourself as you begin this journey and feel free to take breaks or modify as needed.

PRACTICE DETAILS and PROGRESS:  Next to each practice you'll find some notes on length, time to practice and what to expect (see sample to the right).  When you complete each practice, click the Mark Complete button to save your progress. As you move through the Challenge, you'll see the Progress pie chart change to reflect your progress.  You can always click the COMPLETED button again if you want to do that practice over again.

Here is a 90 minute bonus workshop for those of you that are curious to keep exploring.

Tension in the body can have many different sources; from repetitive stress, to too much exercise or not enough, old injuries or scar tissue.  But tension in the body can also be the result of emotional stress and difficulty.  The suggested classes this week are not about challenging yourself but are an opportunity to turn inward and invite physical and emotional tension patterns to let go. It’s important to keep in mind that working with therapy balls and Yin Yoga poses often comes with strong sensations.  I suggest you start easy, take time to get familiar with this work, and if appropriate go deeper over time as some postures and massage practices will be repeated throughout the week.

And perhaps there is also an opportunity for deeper inquiry as you observe not only sensations along the way but also your responses to your experience.  How do you discern between what’s too much and what’s just right?  What are the choices that you make around this? Are there certain thoughts or beliefs that come up when you choose to do ‘less’ or ‘more’?

Enjoy yourself and good luck!
— Ellen Cremer, Owner

Day 1 • Backside Fascia

Let’s start with this great challenge by learning more about fascia and the fascia connections throughout the front of the body. This practice includes Therapy Balls, movement and active postures + stretching.

 Anytime • 36 min
Active 1

Day 2 • Hips on the Ball + 30-Minute Yin

After highlighting the whole hip area with the therapy balls, let’s enjoy a 30 minute Yin Yoga session.

Anytime • 49 min
Mixed 1

Day 3 • Yin Yoga with Therapy Balls

This session combines the work with therapy balls and Yin Yoga postures all in one class. This is a great balance between upper and lower body, front and back.

Evening • 49 min
Mixed 1-2

Day 4 • On the Ball: Shoulders + Open the Chest

As we dive deeper into the shoulders, let’s start with the wall as this part of the body is often quite tender.  Next we’ll follow up with some great chest opening postures.

Anytime • 45 min
Mixed 1

Day 5 • Frontside Fascia

Today we’ll take a closer look at the fascia connections through the front of the body. After all the previous practices you already have a deeper understanding of the connections in your own body. This video will help clarify and connect the dots even more.

Anytime • 41 min
Mixed 1

Day 6 • Feet Retreat + Hips Hooray

Let’s dedicate today’s session to the lower body.  After releasing some tension from the feet and mobilizing the ankles, you are prepared for a great sequence of leg and hip stretches.

Anytime • 48 min
Mixed 1

Day 7 • Yin Yoga for Shoulders + Neck Check
For our final day, let’s dive a little deeper into the shoulders.  Start with a few Yin postures followed by a shoulder and neck rub.  If the floor-based ball work is too much for your shoulders, go back to the wall sequence from day 4 and try the second part of the ball video to address the upper neck.

Anytime • 43 min
Mixed 1


After this 7-day journey and getting to know the architecture of your own body a little more, let’s take a moment to reflect back. How do you feel?  What are some of the changes you notice in your body, your muscles and joints?  Do you observe other changes in your energy level or emotional well-being?  Would it be helpful to include these types of classes in your self-care regimen? Are there any intentions you’d like to set around this?

Good luck with your next adventure!

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